Faculty and staff

Stepping on of St. Michael Parish School, you enter an extraordinary place for children. It is a place where all of our energies are dedicated to helping children become their best selves. We purposefully create an environment to meet their needs from early childhood to emerging adolescence.

Rebekah Scicolone


Class Name Email
SECRETARY Filomena Zalewski fzalewski@smsunion.org
PRE-KA Melissa Zola mzola@smsunion.org
PRE-KB Cathy Kopec ckopec@smsunion.org
KA Brittany Jones bjones@smsunion.org
KB Megan Loffa mloffa@smsunion.org
1A Gloria Nardone gnardone@smsunion.org
1B Veronica Bono vbono@smsunion.org
2A Fran Engleman fengleman@smsunion.org
2B Andrea Jones ajones@smsunion.org
3A Phyllis Pepe ppepe@smsunion.org
3B Taylor Stetz tstetz@smsunion.org
4A Donna Hely dhely@smsunion.org
5A Melanie Brown mbrown@smsunion.org
5B Kathy Isaac kisaac@smsunion.org
6A Tara Ship tship@smsunion.org
6B Nicholas Telle ntelle@smsunion.org
7A Dr.Pat Aiello paiello@smsunion.org
8A Judy Jones jjones@smsunion.org
8B Glenn Langan glangan@smsunion.org
Advanced Math Dawn Schugel dschugel@smsunion.org
Computers Janet Boscia jboscia@smsunion.org
Phys Ed Connie Foster cfoster@smsunion.org
Music Mathew Niedbalski mniedbalski@smsunion.org
Art Christina Havens chavens@smsunion.org
Spanish Antonette Cardoso acardoso@smsunion.org