You must check this page everyday.  Students should be working on the packets that were handed out by their teachers.   However, some teachers may add additional work at anytime.  All work added will be posted here and must be completed by the students.  All work will be graded.

Websites students can use to sharpen skills


Great website (the younger kids love this site) for math and language arts.

All games can be accessed on the website, if your student is using an iPad; to access all of the games; sign in with our school user id – sms and password – sms.  Most of the students already know how to sign in.


Free website with math, language arts and science.  This website also includes quizzes for all subjects.

All games can be accessed on the website, however the Ipad app has a fee.


Free website with math, language arts, science and social studies for all grades, Pre-K-8th.  This website has some nice tutorials and quizzes that are geared toward the older students.


Free website and app, absolutely wonderful, all subjects.  Parents you will have to sign your children up with a user id, this website is well worth it.


Free website for older students, this site can be used for lower grade math students, but only with a parent’s help.  This website shows students who might be confused with solving math equations, how to solve the problem step by step.  One note, this website will give the answer to the problem, the purpose of the website is to instruct, but some students might find it very easy to just put in the problem and get the answer, so use this website carefully.

coolmathgames.com and code.org

Both websites are free.  Most of  the students love these two sites. The students think they are just playing, but all the games and activities on these sites are making the students solve problems.








  • Draw a flower and label its parts (leaves, stem, roots, petals)


  • Rewrite the problems on a separate sheet of paper and solve – 

                 2+1=  3+3=       6+3=

                 5+3= 6+4=  4+4=

                 2+2= 7+3=  5+1=

                 9+1= 5+5=  4+3=

                 7-3= 2-2=         10-2=

                 6-4= 8-5=          4-3=

                 5-5= 7-4=          10-5=

                 5-4= 9-3=           3-1=

  • Draw different objects that you find in your house that look like the shapes below. When finished drawing label each object you found with its correct shape (Example : clock – circle)

     • Circle

     • Square

           • Rectangle

     • Triangle

     • Cylinder

     • Sphere


  • Have someone in your family read your favorite story. When finished draw the main character and the setting from the story.
  • Read and write our sight words on a separate sheet of paper (stop at the word – here)


  • Draw what you and your family do on Easter. (Example – go to church, have an Easter egg hunt, go to a family members house)

Social Studies

• On a separate sheet of paper rewrite and match the different community helpers with its correct tool – 


•Firefighter       •Toothbrush

•Mailman               •Stop sign

•Farmer               •Chalkboard

•Policeman       •Hose

•Pilot               •Paintbrush

•Crossing guard     •Badge

•Doctor/Nurse.       •Vegetables

•Chef                •Cats/Dogs

•Teacher                •Books

•Dentist                •Medicine

•Veterinarian        •Pots/pans

•Librarian                •Mail/Letters

•Painter.                  •Airplane



First Grade


Math – 

Reading – 




Math – 

ELA – 

*EVERY Friday – Study sight words, read with an adult


Religion –



Second Grade


Work math, LA, SS on these sites for free.
Enjoy the fun!
Let me know how you are doing.
National Geographic Kids.com
lxl     for math and LA
Raz-kids       for reading

Math – 

SS –

Parents please go on this site with your child.  There are
excellent science and social studies lessons.
scholastic learn at home   –  20 day lessons
click on grades 1-2 and enjoy learning!


Science – 

Reading – 

Practice your reading skills every day on this website.

Spelling – 

LA – 

Religion – 

Religion:  First Holy Communion students should be reading
the Bible they received from church at least 30 minutes every day.
Choose any story.
EWTN channel 285 has animated Bible stories on Saturday morning
at 9:30.



Math – 


Reading –

it is free
They can log in to save their work but they do not have to
Choose the skills to work on this week.

English – 

Students are to:   Write a story about all the things you like about Spring and about all the things that happen in Spring. it should be a total of 14- 20 sentences
Please remember to begin each sentence wth a capital letter.
Use any paper you have at home.

Spelling – 

Spelling- Week 17 words
1. bacon
2. August
3. serving
4. mice
5. thumb
6. dessert
7. soup
8. cloud
9. weather
10. gentle
11. coin
12. deep
13 pale
14. fish
15. under
Monday-ABC Order
Tuesday-Write sentences for each word
Wednesday-Write each word and separate the syllables with a dot
Thursday- Write each word 4 times each
Friday-Study and have someone test you
Use whatever paper you have at home


visit website for science: http://www.kids.nationalgeographic.com
watch weather, animal videos

Religion –

*** work on packet




Third Grade



SS – 

English – 


Spelling – 

Religion –

Science – 

Health – 



Math – 

SS –

Reading – 

English – 

Spelling – 

Science –

Religion – 




Fourth Grade


Math – read directions on page 306, watch whiteboard program I emailed you and then try problems 2- 40 even,  Workbook p 112

SS –

Literature –

English –

answer grammar worksheets

homograph worksheet (PDF will be emailed to you)

Reading –define vocabulary in notebooks and answer worksheet (It will be emailed in a PDF.)

Spelling – look up any words you don’t know the meaning of; use each in a sentence.

Science – due when you return to school, directions will be emailed

Religion – go to http://religion.sadlierconnect.com  Read the readings for Sunday, then scroll down to Faith Activities and read the cinquain example. (We wrote one in English class back in the fall.)  Now try writing your own poem about how Christ is our light.  The poem should have 5 lines and follow the syllable pattern:  2, 4, 6, 8, 2.  Share with your family and send a copy to me

Health – 

PLEASE NOTE – students need to bring a pencil and a pen to school everyday.  Each student needs a pack of crayons and a pair of scissors.



Math – Please watch the attached video about Equivalent Fractions.  Review text page 272; complete problems 2-20 EVENS on text page 273. Complete workbook page 2-18 evens. Please feel free to draw pictures if this helps you to figure out the answers.  Complete pages 197-198. DO NOT DO page 247 I will be using that after the next lesson.


SS –Complete Quiz for Week # 19  and your mini-report on a famous New Jersey woman.

Reading – 

Complete reading and grammar review packets related to the last story read from the reading text, Kid Reporters at Work.  We will be completing an on-line assessment early next week.
Mrs. Isaac will be sending documents in an e-mail to all parents.    Please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Isaac with any questions

Spelling – Write sentences for the Kid Reporter Spelling words.  (List attached)

Grammar – 

English – 

Science – 

Using your Studies Weekly Log-in please click on the Science Weekly.  The topic I have chosen for the assignments Is Light and Sound.  Please read the articles and complete the following assignments:
1. Please complete the Compare and Contrast Chart on Page 2. – Do this on a separate sheet of paper or you could type it if you like.
2. Complete the Energy AdVennTures
3. Complete the Crossword Puzzle and Personal Energy Chain on page 3.
4.  Using your Energy Ad-VENN-tures diagram and details from the other articles this week, write a compare-and-contrast paragraph about the properties of light and the properties of sound. Remember, when we compare, we explain how two things are alike; when we contrast, we explain how two things are different.
5.  Complete On-Line Quiz.

Religion – I will be attaching a packet for Chapter 11 in an e-mail to parents.  In that packet please read pages 132-139. Complete the “We Respond” on page 133, 135 and 137. Complete the crossword puzzle on page 140 and the Chapter 12 Test on page 142.

Special Note:  Parents, if you have not already done so, please let Mrs. Isaac know whether or not you are able to log-in to the Studies Weekly website using the User ID and Password that I set up for your child.  (See my e-mail from Tuesday, 3/24)


Middle School - Listed by Subject
Language Arts
ALL: Writing Portfolio assignments will not be due until the end of the trimester. Hold onto them until further notice.
Type the following assignments from your packets, and send to me in an e-mail, if possible.

ALL : Video lesson, worksheets, and assessments will be sent in an e-mail


6th –  Monday – Listen to video lesson about adjective phrases. Complete practice worksheet about adjective phrases.

Tuesday – Read the Fiction story rubric.  Complete story by Monday April 6th. Please type

Wednesday – Listen to video lesson reviewing adjectives.  Do the adjective review worksheet.

Thursday – Do the Adjective Challenge. Send to Mrs. Ship

Friday – Take the Adjective Test.  Send to Mrs. Ship.


7th – Moday – Listen to the video lesson about transitive and intransitive verbs.  Do the practice worksheet.

Tuesday – Do the practice worksheet with troublesome verbs.

Wednesday – Listen to the video lesson about Active and Passive Voice Verbs.  Do the practice worksheet.

Thursday – Do the verb review. Send to Mrs. Ship

Friday – Verb Quiz – Send to Mrs. Ship


8th – Monday – Listen to the video lesson about simple, progressive, and perfect tenses, Indicative and Imperative moods, Subjunctive Mood, and Modal Auxiliaries.  Do practice worksheet.

Tuesday – Read the Play Script Rubric.  Due Monday April 6th  Please type.

Wednesday – Listen to the video lesson about Subject Verb Agreement.  Do the practice worksheet.

Thursday – Do the Verb Challenge.  Send to Mrs. Ship

Friday – Verb Test. Send to Mrs. Ship





6A- packet questions are due Monday 3/30


6B-packet questions are due Monday 3/30


7A- packet questions are due Friday 3/27


7B-packet questions are due Friday 3/27


8A-packet questions are due Friday 3/27


Social Studies



Social Media Project



-With social media being such a huge part of our lives we are going to take the time to make it historical



-In this project you will be creating a (fake) social media account (facebook or twitter). This account will be for a historical figure (George Washington, VanGoh, ETC.) You will need to have 10 friends for this person and include 5 posts as if the historical person themselves created them.


-Let me be clear you are not actually creating the accounts on a computer or on your phone….please make them on paper or in a document that you can hand in to me when we return to school!


-If there are any questions please email me asap!


6B- see 6a


7A- see 6A


7B- see 6A


8A- see 6A



ALL GRADE LEVELS, please check out drpatscience.weebly.com
(Parents can Scan or Take a picture of their child’s work & send it to Dr. Pat)
(Parents can Scan or Take a picture of their child’s work & send it to Dr. Pat)
(Parents can Scan or Take a picture of their child’s work & send it to Dr. Pat)
Parents, & parents only, please e-mail Dr. Pat should you have any questions or concerns.

These assignments will be directly from the book; unless otherwise noted.  Please email me with any questions.  You can find the text on the Sadlier site.  Stay happy and healthy!!!

6th Grade Math

1.       Complete Chapter 9 Lesson 6-b p.2 as a review.  # 2-7 Find the mean, median, mode, range, clusters, gaps and outliers.  Develop a real-life example for each problem.

2.      Rd. pg.304 BOX AND WHISKER PLOT.  Answer questions on pg.305 5-15

3.      Rd. pg.306 LINE GRAPHS.  Answer questions on pg.309 1-10

4.      Rd. pg.310 DOUBLE LINE GRAPHS.  Answer questions on pg.311 1-5

5.      Rd. pg.312 DOUBLE BAR GRAPHS.  Answer questions on pg.312 1-6

6.      Create a new business plan for either Sam’s Shirts-p.310 or Mr.Fleury’s Pizza p.306  How would you make sales better?  Using either a line or bar graph, show your projected results of your plan and the previous results given to you by the book.


7th Grade Math

1.      Rd. pg.174-175 PERCENTS.  Answer questions on pg.175 1-13

2.      Pg.197 workbook or it is also on Sadlier (7-1 Percent Student Practice)

3.      Rd. pg.176-177 FRACTIONS, DECIMALS, PERCENTS.  Answer questions on pg.177 1-8

4.      Pg.199 workbook or it is also on Sadlier (7-2 Student Practice)

5.      Rd. pg.180-181 PERCENT OF A NUMBER.  Answer questions on pg.181 1-10

6.      Pg.203 workbook or it is also on Sadlier (7-4 Student Practice)

8h Grade Math

1.      Rd. pg.136-137 MULTIPLY BINOMIALS.  Answer questions on pg.137 1-8

2.      Pg.152 workbook 17-34 or it is also on Sadlier (5-7 Student Practice)

3.      Rd. pg.138-139 SPECIAL CASE BINOMIALS.  Answer questions on pg.139 1-8

4.      Pg.153 workbook or it is also on Sadlier (5-8 Student Practice)

5.      Rd. pg.140-141 DIVIDE BY MONOMIALS.  Answer questions on pg.141 1-5

6.      Pg.155 7-21 workbook or it is also on Sadlier (5-9 Student Practice)




Advanced Math


6th- if absent – for notes https://www.schoolnotes.com/dschugel/

7th-  if absent – for notes https://www.schoolnotes.com/dschugel/

8th-  if absent – for notes https://www.schoolnotes.com/dschugel/



4th – 

5th –  3/30 go to senoracardoso.weebly.com   There are two files to download.  Due 4/2

6th- check senoracardoso.weebly.com for assignment and questions.  check your grade tab
7th-check senoracardoso.weebly.com for assignment and questions.  check your grade tab
8th check senoracardoso.weebly.com for assignment and questions. check your grade tab  (also check your email for Wksheets attached)
*for all – email me answers at acardoso@smsunion.org




Reminder: Work due from last week is 1. The summary of the story of Moses. 2. The summary of the plagues


Monday – Listen to the video lesson reviewing Chapter 4 key points.  Study for the test tomorrow.

Tuesday-  Ch. 4 Test.  Send to Mrs. Ship

Wednesday – Listen to the video lesson reviewing vocabulary words for Ch. 5 Lesson 1. Read lesson 1. Record 5-10 important details from the lesson.

Thursday – Do the compare and contrast paragraph and picture.  Send to Mrs. Ship

Friday – Do the ancestor paragraph.  Send to Mrs. Ship






7B Grade Religion/Student Development and Citizenship

1.      Review: Rd. and Outline pg.118-122 text or it also on Sadlier (Chapter11 JESUS, BREAD OF LIFE) Answer questions on pg.120 ACTIVITY

2.      View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJXS-Ee0tsc  Garden of Gethsemane Now

3.      Rd. the following two articles: http://www.usccb.org/about/pro-life-activities/respect-life-program/2017/death-penalty-catholic-q-a.cfm  and https://theproscons.com/pros-and-cons-of-death-penalty/   Create an argument vs the death penalty using Bible versus and facts. 

4.      Rd. article Facts & Statistics    (STUDENT DEVELOPMENT & CITIZENSHIP)  Based on these facts, create a plan for a healthier USA



Religion Assignment #1- The Nicene Creed and assignment #4 – The importance of Reconciliation are due Monday 3/30