St. Michael School is a Catholic community of faith within the vibrant and diverse St. Michael Parish.  Our ministry of the Word is the proclamation of the good news of Jesus Christ – a message of hope.  Each child is seen as a whole person on a developmental progression with individual differences, but with basically similar learning needs:  spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical.  Our goal is to educate the whole child, to instill a sense of individual responsibility, to build self-esteem, and to encourage excellence as well as the traditional academic discipline in a safe environment.

Vision/Core Beliefs

Saint Michael School Seal consists of the shield of the Dominican Sisters surrounded by the wing and spear of Saint Michael the Archangel. Green and gold are our school colors. Our Motto: To Teach, To Guide, To Guard.
We at St. Michael school in Union, New Jersey are Catholic Educators. As such, we view the foundation of our process of educating to be riveted in our Catholic Faith. We believe we teach by word, by action and most importantly by our personal lives.

Our professional service is geared to the age level of grammar school. Ever-mindful that in our system of academics we are forming our future world, we teach to the standards of the two Great Commandments, “Love God above all things” and Love your neighbor as yourself.” As a Catholic Grammar School we exist to educate the whole child, to help this young person grow into the adult whose life will affect a world of tomorrow, will make for a better place for all people to live